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 Reading memory

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PostSubject: Reading memory   Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:36 am


indeed I got some questions on the technique of usable Memory reading.

How do you always find Parts you need in the Memory? The OS always allocates free Space as it matches the requirement
of a program (as written in it's source...)
The chance of finding (for example) the value of the variable for the current mana at one and the same Address in the RAM after relaunching the
game or event relaunching the complete computer and then launch the game again is nearly zero.

I mean, there are not even some kind of captions/labels of variable contents one could search the ram for.
So the only way is: evaluating addresses like one does when for example using "cheat-engine" on a game's RAM.
But this would only work for understanding the game's memory image/struct if the Memory Structure of a game would be constantly the same...
But it never would?! 3 variables (for example) allocated by the program/game after each other will perhaps be found at complete different addresses every time the game launches. So one can not conclude that for example the address of "mana" is always followed by the value of "life-points" or something...

So my question: How to find complete variable stuff like NPCs next to you in memory? I've got no clue..

Would really be nice if you could put me on the right path.

Thanks ahead and friendly regards
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Reading memory
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